Why we are what we are?

Many of the times when we meet a new person, we wonder what would they be like. Different thoughts come to our minds. At times we are amazed to find out how different someone’s way to see things is. This is also what restricts us from communicating with new people as well. We are confused about their psychology. What confuses us the most is the nature of the person. It is not that easy to understand everyone otherwise why would a different study of human nature called psychology would have existed. Take my case for example. When people meet me for the first time,they consider me nothing but an alien. That is because it is hard for me to communicate and adjust with strangers. Also, I find the majority of people annoying not because they are bad, but because my nature does not match many. So why is that? What makes us different? Why should we not compare the abilities of a person with that of another?

Here is the answer. Our nature, psychology, and perspective to see things are all different. Let us dig further and go see the deep down details .Research tells the majority of human brain development takes place at an early age . Our life experiences, upbringing is what shapes us and our vision. Our childhood specifically determines a lot of things .Those who did not have a good childhood,take for example the ones who saw their parents in conflict, are found to be strained as adults. It impacts our perception of things and determines what kind of person we would become when we grow up.

If you talk to a big elite politician’s child, chances are they might be happy, involved in life in a lot of activities, or at times they could be arrogant and proudy too for they have everything at their feet. On the other hand, if you talk to a labours child, their way to see the world might be different. They did not get all those luxuries and even basic facilities. They have to struggle every day to survive .

This was a very trivial example . Lets take a better one . Ever thought about why a successfully established celebrity commits suicide. The reasons like lack of education, financial or academic burdens , family problems , failed relationships might be with one with commoners who lost track but what about one who had it all. Or APPEARED TO have it all.You never what a person is thinking or facing in life. Why do you people think a person is like what he is? If you tell an angry, short-tempered person that he is short tempered , would that cure the situation or change him ?Is it that easy?It might instead make him even more infuriated.

My point here is not to promote negativity or bias. I want to convey that let people be what they are like unless it gets unacceptable. Don’t try to figure out or judge so easily. We are all humans. We all have different life goals and aspirations. So stop comparing, live and let others live happily.